Thesis Generator IPA
Over here at Stoup, we miss our school days. We miss 5 paragraph essays,long story problems and wearing backpacks filled with pee chee folders. Why, oh why is the fun so fleeting?! In an effort to keep that school spirit alive, we decided it would be fun to write a thesis paper. Really, how hard could it be? To get started, we needed to generate a thesis statement. This is what we came up with: "To make a perfect IPA, you must use delicious ingredients and add just the right hops to make the flavor and aroma pop". Then we researched thousands of hop combinations and determined that Loral, Talus, HBC 630 and El Dorado together would add aromas of pink grapefruit, berry and pineapple and would be freakin' delicious. Then we brewed our Thesis Generator IPA, drank it and determined that our thesis statement was 100% correct. Man, writing a thesis is soooo easy! 

ABV 6.9%. Available at your local DROP now.

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