Get your monthly provisions of KICK-ASS BEERS/CIDERS!

From your favorite breweries or region-
cold chained to your local brewery.


Get your Monthly Provisions from Packmule.  Whether you want to get a selection of brews from all around, or just from a specific region, or even just from a specific brewery, Packmule procures the best the PNW has to offer, and will bring to you every month at your local DROP.

Each club's allocation is unique- check them out!  We just charge a monthly $2 Muling Fee in addition to the club cost. 

Cider Lovers 4-  This gets you 4 cans of ciders from the PNW, chosen based on your preferences- only $20- fresh and delivered at your local DROP.

Hand-Picked 4-  You can get 4 hand-picked beers/ciders per month for only $20- fresh and delivered at your local DROP.   Easy-peasy.  

Hand-Picked 8-   Twice the beer/cider- twice the fun.  You get 8 cans per month for just $40- fresh and delivered at your local DROP.    

Ale From the Trail 12- features 12 cans of beer/cider from around the PNW, twice per month- $55/month for 12 cans.