Started at Rock Bottom…Now We’re Here- San Diego Style West Coast Double IPA

To celebrate our first anniversary we decided to go back to where it all began; Rock Bottom Brewery and Restaurant in La Jolla, Ca. Then Head brewer, and since moved on to D9 Brewing in Charlotte, NC, was willing to drink our rudimentary home brews and give valuable feedback. Five breweries later, and every production position you can imagine we started BreakThru Brewing. This collaboration brew emulates the San Diego Style of West Coast Double IPA’s; pale, bright, and crisp with HUGE hop flavor. Citra, Citra Lupomax, Mosaic, and Mosaic Lupomax bring out a tropical profile made for America’s finest city. 

8.1% ABV.  Available at your local DROP now.

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/ 2x 16 oz cans
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