Cuvee Reserve
Cuvee Reserve_Cognac Foeder aged saison brettanomyces 6.5%
Specialty malted grains, unmalted wheat, spelt, noble hops
Vintages: 2018
Tasting Notes:
“Bright citrus nose, aromas of damp oak, lemon rind and wet hay. Golden straw hue with tastes of candied citrus fruit, tangerine, lemon, melon and honey. Creamy and earthy with moderate tartness and acidity, finishing with a smooth rustic dry linger.”
Cellar Notes:
Ale brewed with Propolis microbes, wild yeast and micro-organisms - Age for +4 years
Food Pairings:
Spiral ham, apricots, candied nuts, cured meats, smoked oysters, vintage cheese, rabbit stew, steamed chard
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/ 375 ml bottle
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