BioDiversity Mixed Culture IPA

How much life can be crammed into a beer? When we got together with the crew at Logsdon to craft a beer, we decided to find out. Initial wort was acidified, then tempered with highly hopped wort and pitched with a wild blend of yeasts propagated from Temperanillo grapes. In order to really tie the room together, secondary fermentation then proceeded on four brettanomyces strains along with Barbe Rouge and Huell Melon hops. Bright notes of passionfruit from lactobacillus mingle with hazy-IPA-like pineapple and citrus from the brettanomyces along with hop notes of raspberry and orange blossom. A true celebration of the complexity and beauty of life, to be crushed and/or savored with reflective contemplation. In this spirit, we have chosen to donate proceeds from this beer to the Equal Justice Initiative that will continue to fight for civil rights & social justice in America. Cheers!

ABV 6.1%. Available at a DROP near you now.

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/ 4 x 16 oz can
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