BA Peach Sabbath

ABV 6.76%.  Available at a DROP near you now.

The June 2021 addition to our Sabbath series of fruited conditioned wild ales is 2 years in the making. This beer begins as a fully fermented base beer that we age in Washington wine barrels for 12 months - 24 months with an additional mixed culture of wild yeast & bacteria. For Peach Sabbath, we selected a small number of these barrels to produce a blend of roughly 264 gallons of beer. We racked barrels of wild ale into a stainless steel fruiting tank with 400 lbs of organic Summer Lady peaches, grown by our friends at CLS Farms, and allowed the beer to referment for an additional period of time. Once fully attenuated, the beer was bottled by hand and allowed to condition in the bottle at ambient temperatures for additional months until we felt that it was ready to release. The final beer is dry, tart & full of peach.

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