We run Trivia Nights around WA State.


How It Works

  • The One Rule-  DON'T BE A DICK.  This means don't cheat, don't be rude, don't make a mess.  Use common sense!
  • With some exceptions, we do 3 rounds of 10 questions.  The 10th question in the 1st + 2nd round may include multiple answers for multiple points.  The last questions of the night is a BLIND BID- whereas your team bids what they can get correct based soley on the category.  Your team then gets +bid points if you get at least the number bid, or -bid if not.
  • Tie Breaker is at the discression on the host.
  • Team Size- up to 6 people.  If more people than that, your team loses 1 point per round per extra player.
  • Trivia is free to play.  
  • Prizes are given to top teams that qualify.  Ask your host for more details. 
  • Family Friendly- ish.  Our categories may sometimes include language or themes that are not appropriate for some minors.  The host will discuss with parents as appropriate!

Where & When

Dates can change.  Its best to check our calendar for exact dates.  Here is a rough estimate of locations and times:
  • Ben's Bottle Shop- Saturdays once per month at 3:00
  • 54 40 Beer- 1st and 3rd Fridays at 6:00
Seattle Metro
South Sound
  • Headless Mumby Brewing- 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 5:30
  • Pint & Pie Tacoma- 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 8:00