Beer Me Roar Roadtrip Kit

This mixed 4pack was created for Yelp! Elite Squad members. The virtual tasting event  was recorded for our new podcast, Beer Me Roar.

Grab a four pack and play along with us! 

This is mixed 4pack of craft beer from smaller breweries in Kirkland, Vancouver, Yakima and Bellingham.  Each beer is a different style to provide you with a variety of what Washington has to offer! 

This kit includes:

  • Crazy 88 Asian Style Lager from Brothers Cascadia Brewing (Vancouver)- 4%.  This Asian Style Lager balances experimentation with drinkability.  True to its roots, we included some rice in the mash and extended lagering time to add to the crisp and full flavor of this beer while still keeping in very light.  This beer will pair nicely with most any food, but can also stand all on its own, just like The Bride.  
  • Cerne Pivo European Dark Lager from Chainline Brewing (Kirkland)- 4%.  World Beer Cup Winner 2018.  This traditionally brewed Czech Cerne is a rarity and difficult to find in the North American beer world.  This black lager has aromas of cigar and cocoa with hits of coffee and bitter chocolate tasting notes.  Brewed with traditional ingredients and using a double decoction brewing method, this rare beer has a full-bodied creamy flavor and rounded profile.  Restrained use of noble Saaz hops let the malt depth really shine and provide a perfect balance of bitter and sweet. 
  • 369 Damn She Fine Hazy IPA from Wandering Hop (Yakima)- 6.5%.  So drinkable, smooth and delicious, we took our time, using Lupomax Mosaic hops, and dry hopped the bejesus out of this batch for maximum aroma and flavor. 
  • Lot of Love IPA from Stemma Brewing (Bellingham)- 4.9%.  This light and crushable west coast IPA features citrus forward hops and a touch of malted rye.  Made with Cascade, Choinook and cryo'd Simcoe hops.  Stemma proudly produced this beer is in support of WMBC- and they have donated $.75 for each can toward their new parking lot project!
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